Atlanta Mohels

Rabbi Ariel Asa

Trained by the Chief Mohel of the State of Israel, including training at Hadassah and Share Tzedek hospitals and certified by the Ministry of Health for the state. Certified and began practicing in 1990. See Website

Dr. Arthur Gumer

Trained and certified as part of the HUC sponsored training program, now organized through The National organization of American Mohelim approximately 25 years ago. Been practicing ever since. 

Rabbi Shmuel Khoshkerman

Practicing since 1985.

Dr. Jonathan Meisel

Pediatric surgeon and Mohel in Atlanta for 9 years.

Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser

14 years as a professional Mohel, please see Atlanta Baby Circumcision for references and reviews. See website

Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman

Trained and Certified by the chief Mohel of Israel and practicing for 20 Years.